Way of the Warrior Kid 4: Field Manual - Autographed Book

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Way of the Warrior Kid 4: Field Manual - Autographed by Jocko Willink
-Hardcover book

*Release date is December 3, 2020

Sincere apologies but at this time, Jocko is unable to personalize copies of the book. They have been pre-signed by Jocko. Thank you

Way of the Warrior Kid 4: Field Manual


Eighth grade is wrapping up and Marc is bigger and stronger than ever. He's also smarter, healthier, and better because he's on The Warrior Kid Path! But when a schoolmate, who's moving away, wants to become a Warrior Kid too, Marc is faced with a dilemma: how do you get someone on The Path if they live halfway across the country?

The solution: you write a Field Manual. A Warrior Kid Field Manual!

Leaning on his experiences on The Path and his summers with his Navy SEAL Uncle Jake, Marc creates a fun-filled guide to help kids EVERYWHERE become Warrior Kids!

In the Way of the Warrior Kid 4 Field Manual, Marc breaks it all down, like the importance of doing the right thing, keeping your mind and body strong, and maintaining a great attitude. He gives tips for dealing with boring classes, impossible homework and annoying classmates. He shares how to make yucky vegetables taste good, cleaning your room seem fun, and turning bullies into allies. He shows you how to complete your first or fiftieth pull-up, what your first day at jiu-jitsu will be like, and why the snooze button is NOT your friend. 

The Way of the Warrior Kid 4 Field Manual has everything a kid needs to get on The Path to becoming smarter, stronger, healthier, and better. And the whole gang is here too Uncle Jake, Kenny, Nathan, Nora, and Danny to make sure Marc doesn't take himself too seriously in the process. As if that's possible... 


About the Author

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL Officer and author. He has written multiple New York Times-bestselling books, including Extreme Ownership, Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, The Dichotomy of Leadership, Leadership Strategies and Tactics Field Manual, and The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols. He's also authored the best-selling Way of the Warrior Kid children's book series and Mikey and the Dragons. Jocko hosts the top-rated Jocko Podcast and The Warrior Kid Podcast. Jocko and his wife have four children and live in Southern California. 

Jon Bozak is a writer, illustrator and creative director living in Southern California. He has drawn The Way of the Warrior Kid Series, Mikey and the Dragons and written Demo: The Story of a Junkyard Dog.